Monday, May 23, 2011

Tulipa "Apricot Parrot"

Part of the enjoyment I receive from botanical art is getting to know the flowers and plants from my garden on a different, more intimate level. This tulip is new to my flower beds this year. I have always loved the frilly, multi colored shades of the Parrot tulip. Last fall when my bulbs arrived, I took the time to draw one of them first before planting. This one was most interesting with the "sash" curving around the middle as the skin of the bulb cracked wanting to grow. Since this was a Mixture I waited this spring for the right colored flower. This one was my favorite. Hope you enjoy this bit of my garden. I am taking it with me to the Quailcrest Spring Garden Fair, June 11 & 12. Prints of this drawing will be available.


  1. I'm glad you posted this one Cheryl - it's just gorgeous! Well done .... love tulips!

  2. This is really beautiful - love the shine on bulb!