Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The State Park Art Adventure

As the end of a year approaches with thoughts of a new year ahead our minds sometimes turn to 'what's next?' This is especially true for a wife and mother who has finished raising our 2 children wondering what to do with the next season of life. We all want to make a difference. We want our lives to be significant in some way. We all need a reason to get up in the morning with something to look forward to each day. Lately my ear has been tuned to stories of people who are doing what they love to do and wonderful things have been coming out of their journeys. 

Inspiration to do something BIG has been everywhere lately. Last month I heard a story about the son of a couple I know. He had made it a goal to drive to every town in Ohio on his Honda motorcycle. Having achieved that, it is now his goal to drive on every road in every county of our state. Last weekend I heard Greg Miller, son of a dear friend, share about his life leading up to his Big Year -- "an informal competition among birders to see who can see or hear the largest number of species of birds within a single calendar year within a specific geographical area..." His story has been included in a book titled, The Big Year, and soon to be released in a movie by the same title. These were 2 men from ordinary families who I actually know just doing what they loved. 

So this brings me to my new adventure. This will probably not sound very significant to most people--maybe to none at all. But to this northeastern Ohio girl, living in the same area all my life who loves to travel and make art with next to nothing in the travel budget, this seems to fit the bill. I am planning to visit all of Ohio's State Parks and produce some form of art to represent each. This could very well be a lifelong adventure--I only have 3 visits planned this year! But I think that makes it all the better. I think it's something my husband can get into with me...or maybe not. (You local friends, don't be surprised if you get an invite to travel with me sometimes.) So, from time to time I will be posting an update, painting, drawing or other "something" from my trips.

I hope that in sharing this someone will be inspired to do something you really want to do, large or small. The ordinary just might become extraordinary.

Happy journeys and happy 2011!

Pictured above:  East Harbor State Park, Port Clinton, OH