Botanical Art

Portraits from the Garden~botanical portraits inspired by a country garden

parrot tulip with bulb, botanical print
Tulipa "Apricot Parrot"
14" x 18"
(Original Sold) 


Cheryl Miller is a life-long resident of NE Ohio. Having had an appreciation for drawing, gardening and nature early on, she began her career as an artist in the early 1980’s when approached by a family friend to render a local historic building in graphite. After exploring several different media and subjects along the way she has now combined her love of gardening with her art. Always possessing a fascination with detail, much of her recent work has concentrated on botanical subjects that are drawn in colored pencil and graphite. The inspiration for this art form is found nearby as she is an avid gardener and explorer of the natural world around her home.

Bearded iris ~ purple and white
(unknown variety)
colored pencil on paper
framed size ~ 16" x 20"
Original sold - prints available

Lily of the Valley
Colored pencil on paper
Framed size ~ 11" x 14"
Original Sold ~ prints and note cards available


White oak leaf and acorn
(Quercus alba)
3.5" x 3"
colored pencil on paper

14" x 18"
colored pencil on paper


             "Ilex" (holly) branch with berries 
                  image 9 1/2 " x 6 "   
               original sold, prints available
             PURCHASE PRINT


Red pine branch with cone
"Pinus resinosa" 

"Pinus resinosa cone"
(red pine)
image approx. 3"x3"

"Apple with Blossom" ~ (unknown variety)
image ~ 5"x5"

Silver maple leaf
(Acer saccharinum leaf)
Framed size ~ "11"x14"
(Original Sold)

Clematis ~ "Nelly Moser"


viola, pansy, botanical print

Framed size ~ 8"x10"

Tulip ~ "Apple Blossom"
Framed size ~ 8"x10"

Tulipa ~ "Rembrandt"


Hydrangea "Nikko Blue"
Hydrangea macrophylla 
Framed sized ~ 11" x14"
Original sold - prints available

Following are  bulbs waiting to have their flowers drawn alongside ~~~



Stargazer lily


Tulipa ~ Parrot (see above with "Apricot Parrot")

And the following pieces are originals only ~~


colored pencil
image  5"x6"

"Maple Seeds"

"Gingko leaves"