Friday, March 2, 2012

"Curt's Drive Home ~ somewhere along an Arizona highway"

pastel painting, arizona, desert road, poppies, catalina mountains
Sometimes we have to live with a painting for awhile and continue to let it "speak" to us before we can officially call it Done. Such was the case with "Curt's Drive Home". It had been on our wall for close to a year and was telling me that something was missing. It was looking like a setting with nothing going on.

My husband's friend Curt had allowed me to use his photograph for reference. The telephone poles were in the photo and actually were what attracted me to the scene in the first place. But when I got to that point I questioned whether they were needed and, do I want to run the risk of ruining the sky? I know, color me "chicken". 

So this morning while feeling rather brave, I tackled the poles and I must say I am at last totally satisfied with the painting. Lesson learned. 

As a side-note....while I was working away at it this morning I noticed that I had "forgotten" to sign the piece last year when I thought it was finished. :)