Friday, September 14, 2018

Zinnia ~ Happy Summer Flower, cont.

Some time ago, I think it was last summer, I had taken photos and made a few sketches and color notes of one of my favorite summer flowers, the zinnia. So easy to grow providing many kitchen bouquets throughout the season.

I've gotten back to the drawing this summer. Still the stems, a few leaves and opening flower to go but thought I'd share the drawing here as it is progressing. 

Since I have live plants in the garden at this time I am able to get more detail and color accuracy.

Photo references, sketches ~

Drawing on the "good" paper (I use Fabriano Artistico hot press for this) ~ Tracing paper to masks the white area of the paper.

Building up the rich pinks of the flower with colored pencil ~

Layers of green colored pencil along with some light and dark red violet and sepia to create depth ~