Monday, August 12, 2013

Remembering Mom

I have been working most of the summer on this flower portrait of rosa "Cadenza" aka "Annie's Red. It is from a bush that I have growing by the fence in my cottage border. As I am finding with so many of the plants in my garden there is also a story that goes with this special rose.

In 2002 at the passing of my Mom, a close friend who shares my love of gardening said that she would like to remember my mother with a rose to plant and that I should pick out one that reminded me of her. Mom's gift was loving people and being a faithful friend. Right away I knew that the rose would have to be red. Just seemed right as I remember her wearing red on occasion and it seemed to fit her personality. Not in a bright, explosive way but rather, as this rose illustrates, more deep and subdued. Miss you Mom. :)

rosa "Cadenza" aka "Annie's Red"
~colored pencil on h/p Fabriano Artistico
fine art prints and note cards available


  1. It's so beautiful dear Cheryl.
    I love that you did it with your Mom in mind - it certainly shows the love reflected.
    It's so nice to see your paintings, I still want to do the idea we had years ago and will be starting that in the next few months ...

  2. Thanks so much, Vicki. I've been thinking about the idea too. I don't get on the computer as often lately so I am behind in seeing what my artist friends have been working on. I will have to visit your pages. Your work is always so fresh and beautiful.