Monday, August 16, 2010

lakeside sketches...

We recently spent a week at a friend's cottage by Lake Erie. During our stay I took some time to sketch a few  memories. I find that a page of sketches in my sketchbook can take me back to the time and place much better than an album full of photographs. On this page are, a hibiscus that was blooming at the cottage, an unidentified fish washed up on shore, a sand sculpture sculpted by a man who kept us entertained several days at the beach, some shells and a leaf from a tree that lined the beach path.
     We also experienced some of the most wonderful sunrises while we were there. We took so many photos which should keep me busy painting for a long while...painting one of my favorite places to be...


  1. This is so great! I am very proud of you and this site so now maybe you can get the exposure you deserve..hope so.